Fun Green Nail Art Designs That You Can Try Right Now


Green is the awesome color, by listening to the word all the forest area and trees will get into our mind. Green is the very beautiful color that attracts many other people which can make to look vibrant. This is easy to green nail art designs that you can try out.

The below-given things are required for the Nail Art

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1. A peacock inspired tattoo design for all of those who love tattoo mehndis. Tattoo mehndi is a great way to add some colour without pain and as they are not permanent, you can remove them once you get bored of them. This mehndi tattoo is done with black mehndi and features the peacock design on the shoulderbeautiful-peacock-mehndi-designs-8

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10 Amazing Rhinestone Nail Art Designs to try out

10 Rhinestone nail art designs are:-

Diamond Shaped Rhinestone Nail Art:

It is a stunning nail art. It consists of silver glitter gradient and round rhinestones. The accent nails had a large diamond shaped glitter with small rounded silver beads used for the outline. This is too gorgeous and looks like diamonds.

Gradient Rhinestone Nail Art:

This nail design is easy enough. This simple art can be done with multiple colors of small, rounded rhinestone. These variable colored stones are used to form the gradient effect which is really very eye- catching.

Pink Bow And Rhinestone Nail Art:

This nail art is too girlish. The accent nails have a pink bow while other fingers having French tips are decorated with rhinestones of various sizes.

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Do you know how to remove Gel Nail Polish at Home?

So you got a gel manicure. It was great! Never have you maintained good-looking, growing nails for two-plus weeks without so much as an impulse filing session. But now you want it gone—and you’d rather not visit the salon again (unless maybe if they offer free Prosecco). The good news is you can do it yourself, at home, with stuff you already own. Here’s how

For those who want to move ahead with the process, get out your 100 percent pure acetone, cotton rounds, and aluminum foil. No, this isn’t a student production of Breaking Bad, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do this in a well-ventilated area.



As we know that mehndi function is considered the Pakistan custom and tradition from a few decades ago. Wedding is measured incomplete without mehndi function. In the past, there is no more description and information about this mehndi function therefore they do not make-up bridals in this day but in this present age, the circumstances has changed now bridal make over natural with green and yellow dress and the jewelry which is made of flowers. At this day, bridal’s sisters, cousins and friend also wear yellow dresses, applied mehndi on hands and feet, use flower made gajras, hair pins, ear stud, necklace and much more.

Bridals also wear mehndi dress which is send her in-laws for this day along with original yellow flowers made jewelry which make bridal like a fairy and also mehndi. Ubton is applied on bridal face and on her friends also amazingly.  On this day, flowers are used for not only bridal decoration but also mehndi place festooned where held this day programmed. Below we are showing you a little bit bridal jewelry for mehndi function which will really inspired you

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10 Best Rajasthani Mehndi Designs to Inspire You

Mehndi is a fundamental part of the Indian culture. There are diverse assortments and plans of Mehndi designs and a standout amongst the most wonderful and unpredictable mehndi fine art is “Rajasthani Mehndi Designs”. These mehndi outlines principally speak to the people, move, Dance, Tradition custom and the shades of the Rajasthani culture. A nearby take a gander at these plans demonstrates the exceptional representations of henna by the utilization of blossoms, leaves, peacock formed outlines and so forth which mirror the Indian culture and convention.

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