As we know that mehndi function is considered the Pakistan custom and tradition from a few decades ago. Wedding is measured incomplete without mehndi function. In the past, there is no more description and information about this mehndi function therefore they do not make-up bridals in this day but in this present age, the circumstances has changed now bridal make over natural with green and yellow dress and the jewelry which is made of flowers. At this day, bridal’s sisters, cousins and friend also wear yellow dresses, applied mehndi on hands and feet, use flower made gajras, hair pins, ear stud, necklace and much more.

Bridals also wear mehndi dress which is send her in-laws for this day along with original yellow flowers made jewelry which make bridal like a fairy and also mehndi. Ubton is applied on bridal face and on her friends also amazingly.  On this day, flowers are used for not only bridal decoration but also mehndi place festooned where held this day programmed. Below we are showing you a little bit bridal jewelry for mehndi function which will really inspired you

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