Latest and Best Tattoos For Men


Nowadays, Tattooing has become big business and tattoo artists are making good money out of this profession. They are so occupied in this that people have to make appointments in advance. They earn huge money for a few hours of work. People are very much influenced by this tattoo art fashion these days and so this business is growing with time. In our gallery below we have the best arm and back tattoos for men.


Best Arabic Mehndi Designs Collection for Girls 2017-2018


As we are discussing Arabic mehndi designs, so one of the most preferred Arabic mehndi design is the one with leaves, wines, and stunning flowers along. Due to the uniqueness of these stunning designs than other Pakistani and Indian mehndi patterns, it has successively attracted every single lady because women always want different things. Mehndi is a kind of art and hand skill that is filled with charm and magnificence by employing dark brown and black hues in these designs.


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10 Small Kitchen Decorating DIY Ides : Kitchen Decoration

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Cozy Up the Work Space
A colorful or patterned rug instantly gives your kitchen a boost of personality and comfort. Plus, a comfy rug adds warmth underfoot and a touch of homeyness to your hardworking kitchen space. Consider placing a rug in areas of the kitchen such as in front of the range, refrigerator, or sink, where you tend to do a lot of standing. Be sure to place a slip-prevention mat beneath the rug for safety.

Refreshing Change
The quickest way to rev up your kitchen’s style quotient is to roll on a fresh coat of paint. With so many color choices available in wipe-clean paints, drab cabinets or walls can be banished in a weekend. A burst of cheery yellow cabinetry, tempered by a rich wooden island and floors and a white beaded-board ceiling, cozies up this room.

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Top 12 Summer Nail Art Ideas 2017

1.Sunny Days

Sunny yellow may not be the first shade you reach for when doing your nails, but a funky negative space manicure like this one could make you warm up to a canary color.

2.Stacked ‘Scream

On top of being a seriously pretty shade of pink, this cool mani features an accent nail that’s three-dimensional. Have you ever seen a better use of the stiletto nail shade? Neither have we.

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1. Dotted Nail Art

This one is all about the colors. It has a lot going on, but it’s actually one of the simplest designs to do. This can be done with a number of shades. The choice and combination is purely up to you. Apply a different color on each of your nail. Using different sized dotting tools dipped in various colors, create these fun polka dots. Try following a color theme for a defined look.

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1. The V-Nail Art


This one is super easy but it looks like you’ve spent time on it. Using more than one color is the trick here. For this look, paint your nails bright red and let them dry. Take a deep blue nail polish and apply the color at the end of your nails in such a way that the red nail polish forms a ‘V’ at the tip Make sure to seal it with a top coat in order to ensure that it doesn’t chip quickly! Voila—you’re done! You don’t have to stick to just these shades! You can play around with colors of your choice!

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All of our Indian festivals are considered to be incomplete without covering our hands with mehndi. We have come pretty far away when mehndi is concerned. A number of variation have been introduced and this art form has evolved a million folds. We have diversified the art on the basis of designs and patterns.

Bombay style mehndi is the one which hails from the classics. It involves elaborate and modern designs which are blended flawlessly with the existing traditional patterns. So depending on the occasion, you can pick up few designs.


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Amazing and Extra Ordinary Panda Nail Art Tutorial with detailed steps

Panda Nail Art Tutorial with detailed steps

Most of the girls are very much interested in different and trending looks. The fashion trendy unique attire looks well on them. Nail Art Designs are also trending and most of them are showing interest on it with a wide range of decorative materials. Panda Nail art design is the most wonderful one and grabs the attention of an audience which is loved and adored by everyone. Here you can go and follow below steps which are the cute Panda Nail art tutorial which is easy and reliable to create. There is no need of any expensive things or just full box of rhinestones. Just follow the simple given below steps and apply on your nails to look it in an amazing way.

For this Panda Nail Art Tutorial, there are some of the products that required

Here goes the stepwise tutorial for Panda Nail Art Design